Traces of winter cling to the sidewalk just outside 275 Mott Street in New York’s tiny, trendy neighborhood of Nolita. But inside, Coclico’s spring collection welcomes the new season like bright blue flowers poking their heads through the snow. And yet the whites, blacks and neutral tones in the palette (along with organic linen-wrapped heels) say wear me all through the summer. Just one of many reasons to start your season’s shopping from the ground up.

Sandra Canselier, the creator of Coclico, in front of her NYC shop

Sandra Canselier and her design partner, Liza Nading, make shoes with a certain modern woman in mind. This woman is sophisticated but practical. She wants something of lasting value, a shoe that’s made with artisanal skill, sustainably-produced materials, and chic that’s more than skin deep. Walking on wedge heels built of solid wood or solid cork, their topsides crafted of vegetable-dyed leather, the Coclico devotée moves effortlessly from day to night, while her shoes gather the gentle patina of life lived well.

Ms. Canselier and Ms. Nading honor the notion of life lived well. At her home in Lincoln, Vermont, Ms. Nading finds inspiration in every season, every flower, every leaf, every track in the snow. Ms. Conselier was raised in Brittany where red poppies dot the landscape, and the sea is never far away. Coming from three generations of shoemakers how could she not run a company that makes footwear to fiercely covet?

And, as we’ve hinted, these shoes offer more than a pretty face. Designed in the U.S., they are fabricated in Spain by fairly-paid artisans working in safe and environmentally-positive spaces. Materials are sourced close to the production plant, i.e., locally. Finished products boast nickel-and lead-free hardware and non-chrome leather lining. Nickel? Chrome? Lead? Yikes! It’s as if Coclico has made shoe purchases worry-free at the very moment we discovered there was something to worry about.

But now… as we dream of poppies waving in the wind (the very coquelicots that inspired Coclico’s name), wishes you fresh, new beginnings. May you walk tall. Love your shoes.