Denise Horton, Founder/CEO

Denise Horton is an entrepreneurial strategist who has led marketing programs for start-ups and Fortune 500 brands.Her successes include growing a business to $50M annually in the high-tech sector, leading web and consumer marketing at Starz, and developing the digital strategy for Comcast’s mobile broadband launch.  She earned a graduate certificate in Digital Media & Technology from the prestigious Boulder Digital Works program at the University of Colorado, an MBA from the University of Denver and BA in Business Administration from Michigan State University.

As an avid outdoor adventurer who has explored the world from Africa to the Andes, she cherishes the environment and has witnessed first-hand the impact of consumption on our natural world and its people.  Often taking the unbeaten path to museums, galleries and boutiques, Denise is also a lifelong student of style. These passions, and a businesswoman’s sharp eye for culture-changing trends, converge in

Inspired by the leading edge instruction at Boulder Digital Works, Denise researched the almost hidden world of eco-luxury.  She discovered a cache of eco-designers creating world-class products, all sustainable and fair trade. Now, she launches Beautifuli with the intent of connecting these rising stars with discerning women worldwide.

Denise enters social entrepreneurship with purpose-built skills and powerful beliefs. The skills: collaborating with creative teams, shaping the customer experience, launching new products and optimizing profits. The beliefs:  women can change the world through conscious shopping and that, by curating the finest sustainable goods together on a social shopping platform, Beautifuli can inspire a paradigm shift in the luxury industry. No longer caught in an “either-or” situation, women can now choose both — style and sustainability.