Amanda Jaskiewicz, COO, shout

Amanda brings 15+ years of experience at ad agencies and some serious pioneering under her belt. She’s helped launch a variety of “firsts” for top-notch clients like KFC, McDonald’s and Microsoft. Throughout her years at agencies like JWT, Ogilvy and Dare (named UK Agency of the Decade in 2009), she became a pitch-winning force to be reckoned with, winning new business left and right from brands like GSK and BMW/UK.

Agency of Record: Shout

Launched by agency aces, Ale Lariu and Amanda Jaskiewicz, shout works with start-ups and global brands targeting women. Shout is staffed by 3,000+professional women, based in 14 cities across the world.  Their unique collaborative model harnesses the collective wisdom of female art directors, copywriters, marketing strategists, producers and graphic designers – many with a strength in digital.