by Brenda Nesbitt

Spring is here. Time to cast off winter’s dark, cold days. Welcoming back the sun, we turn to the beauty of art and gift giving for loved ones with spring birthdays or summer weddings. Beautifuli’s curators have discovered eco-artisans to help decorate your home or give a stylish sustainable gift to someone special.

Esque Studio

The lovely blob bowl, our home page image, is a must-have. And the beauty of this is that we’re not sure exactly how we would use it and don’t really care. On to the colorful aperitif set, which is clearly useful, while its matching cup, a kind of hat, prevents dust and other bits from blowing into it. We are at @EsqueStudio, a working habitat for trend-breaking glass artists, Justin Parker and Andi Kovel. Their blown glass objects are works of art and utility—and that goes even for our beloved blob bowl—but the good news continues in their furnaces. Yes. All designed to produced zero CO2 emissions and run on sustainable wind power credits. Their aim in everything the do: “reduce, reuse, reimagine.”

Pacha Design

One person’s waste is another’s wonder. And a passion for turning one into the other is clear at Pacha Design, where Glenn Rushbrooke and Samantha Robb design and make furniture/accessories on the rugged north coast of Devon. Every piece shows their love of wind-winnowed oak, of the magical ways metal and stone weather as imperfections creep in with time. They are recyclers, reclaimers, willing to climb into dumpsters to find materials. Visiting shipyards, building sites, tumbledown farms—anywhere materials are destined for discarding—Rushbrook and Robb find the makings of one-of-a-kind pieces to grace your home as you move through life together.


We can thank @TCHOchocolate for a new way to think about edible gifts. If the bunny drops a couple of bars of “Dark Bright” into your basket expect to ascend directly to heaven. Or you can drop hints about their gift tubs, named variously “Spring Butterfly” and “Spring Magnolia.” Then, munching happily, savor the TCHO story, a mindful partnership with growers and workers to produce great cacao sustainably. Did you know that most cacao farmers have never tasted chocolate made from their beans? In contrast, TCHO makes sure its growers get into tasting “flavor labs” so that they can relate their farming methods to the end product. Translates to “yum” in any language.