by Brenda Nesbitt

Wouldn’t it be fun to own a piece of jewelry from a limited edition?  That way you could get on a plane, show up at a board meeting or drop your little one off at school and likely never see your necklace around someone else’s neck. And that is because there are only 29 others like it in the world.*

In its celebration of things rare, ethical designer Natalie Frigo’s jewelry makes a statement. Her necklaces, rings and earrings invite us to lean in closer to see the touch of the craftsman’s hand. Inspired by that evidence of the artisan in early metallurgy and ancient objects, Frigo’s work resonates beyond time.

It’s wearable art. To love. To keep. To pass on.

In her Lower East Side studio, Frigo follows in the footsteps of ancient sculptors who used the lost-wax process to make masterpieces. First she sculpts wax into the shape desired. Next she sends it off to be cast: it melts away leaving a cavity—a mold. Into this mold, Frigo’s choice of 100% recycled metal is poured. Once released, the metal shape can be combined with ethically-sourced gemstones,** all personally selected by Frigo. (And each tempting enough to be a post-Valentine’s Treat to Self.)

In graduate school at the Art Institute in Fiber and Material Studies, Natalie was appalled to learn the hard facts of mining gold (it creates tons of waste) and silver (where nearby rivers run with mercury). Now she finds real satisfaction in crafting beauty out of recycled metal. And a purpose to her life: to create “unique heirloom jewelry that treasures the extraordinary beauty in every client.”***

*Many items in her spring collection are produced in limited editions of 30.
** We invite you to open the ABOUT tab on Natalie’s website for a fuller view of her approach to ethical sourcing.