Photo: Isoude, S/S 2012 Collection

An addiction to Isoude can happen in under five seconds. Proven. Timed.

Created by Kate Brierly in an old horse barn in Rhode Island, the label thrives on eternal chic and fine finishing, not to mention its devout clientele. Returning to their roots, the collections are produced locally in New England, made by hand in small runs. And that’s just fine with Brierly: “I make less; my only goal is to do it well. One man who cuts my silk works with his father, who is 80 years old and says he can finally teach his son the finer aspects of cutting silk.”1

Indeed the Isoude textiles of choice include a range of natural silks as well as wool and organic cotton, all hand-dyed with natural dyes prepared by the designer herself. Here are garments so beautifully cut they dare you to leave off jewelry. And beg to be passed on to a daughter. It is the “return to artistry and fine craftsmanship in a world of mass production.”2

And for this season’s bride? Magic. All delicate but knowing; sensuality fused to pure white radiance. While the groom in a state of enchantment trips over his vows. Ah, yes. The genius of Isoude has cast another spell.

(1) Interview withMeaghan O’Neill, on (2) Comment by curatorial staff at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (when Isoude was inducted into their permanent collection).