The Fabulously Innovative Natalia Allen

by Brenda Nesbitt

Three reasons we appreciate Natalia Allen…

Reason #1: Her genius. The way it shows up in a little black dress. As it did for April Rinne (Director of on a five-day retreat in Davos for the World Economic Forum in January. Woven by robots in the USA from a single piece of sustainable high-performance yarn, the dress is a luxurious, seamless wonder that fits like a dream. Clean lines and flexible styling made it the perfect choice for April’s carry-on bag — her only luggage for five days in conference with global influencers like Bill Clinton and Bono.

Reason #2: Her forward thinking. Always on the hunt for ways to revolutionize the manufacturing process she means to create zero waste. And not to fear that manufacturing with robots will put humans out of work, her approach is actually creating new jobs for more highly skilled Americans. Thinking differently right out of design school, Allen presents her backstory as a fiber “engineer” in a Ted-style talk at the CUSP Conference.1

Innovator, entrepreneur, but every bit the designer, Natalia Allen talks about this year’s capsule collection: “With each style I focused on precision fit, modern form, and luxurious, sustainable fabrics. I believe there are consumers that share my outlook, and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to help them realize these values in their fashion choices…”2

Reason #3: Her belief in us, the 21st century woman: A mix of smarts and compassion. Of busy lives and uncompromising style. But as an influencer herself, she thinks that, given better choices, we will see tomorrow as she does — a place where all the style in the world can be produced sustainably, if prompted by our purchase power. Sharing that belief, salutes Ms. Allen and her company, for moving us all seamlessly into the future with sustainability + innovation.

1 Natalia’s talk @ the CUSP Conference, 2010: