By Brenda Nesbitt,

This quote from Oscar de la Renta has set us thinking. If style is within us…how does it get there?

Nestled soul-deep, our style takes shape as it connects each day with the landscape of sounds, aromas, colors, textures, and people around us. It is life lived, collected and treasured in a keepsake box of memories, beliefs and action.

Your style creates moments. Here you are coming down the stairs in that dress as your husband watches in awe. Now, you’re choosing a gift and a smile crosses your face as you anticipate your friend’s joy in receiving it.

Illustration by Gladys Perint Palmer

But back to Mr. de la Renta. Even though his approach to sustainability is —for the moment—a focus on the time-honored skills of dressmaking, we give him credit for prizing well-made fashion, pieces worth keeping. That dovetails nicely with our idea of having fewer things, but all keepers. Is this an idea that works for you? Let us know.

For now, we’ll sign off with this news: will launch in early 2013. It will be a warm, relaxing and peaceful place to shop for the most exclusive eco-fashion, beauty, gifts and home products created by the world’s rising stars of chic, sustainable design.

Until then, we’ll share our inspirations and musings about fashion, design, culture, and ways to weave eco-luxury seamlessly throughout your stylish life.